Grade Parents

Hawes School and Home Association

Thank you to all of the parents who have graciously offered their time to help our children's classrooms!

Grade Parents 2017-2018

Learning Services: Pat Stappenback

Mrs. Pepper – 
Mrs. Osenbruck/Ms. Murray – Erica Webb
Ms. Tuohy -
Mrs. Bodart  - Maria Maciejewski and Colleen Tansey
Mrs. Sargenti- Ana Masseria and Irene Yurgelonis
Mrs. Fox- Erin Higgins and Jill Powers
1st Grade:
Mrs. Fischer - Jessica Ciliento and Jamie Ng
Mrs. Catanzaro -Maggie Saladino and Nancy Younan
Mrs. Starace - Christie Fitzgerald and Leane Sikes
2nd Grade:
Mrs. Enright - Maria Karantonis and Salomee Zaveri
Mrs. Silverstein - Erin Mack and Terry Shore
Mrs. Martin - Lisa Faris, Cara Lane, and Erin Yates

3rd Grade:
Mr. Harney - Danielle DePalma and Charmaine Randleman
Mr. Otterstedt - Erin Marrazzo and Jill Powers
Mrs. Rota - Annmarie Loffredo, Maria Penava, and Nancy Schwindt
4th Grade:
Mrs. Raupp - Kelly Ashford and Summer Foerch
Mr. Staunton - Cara Lisi and Sue Molloy
Mr. Trubac - Diane Michaelson, Trisha Piotrowski, and Olga Smilon
5th Grade:
Mrs. Berry - Karen Battaglia and Charmaine Randleman
Mr. Nebbia - Barbara Angiolino, Vivian Chan, and Michelle Lincoln
Mr. Raupp - Jennifer Goldzweig, Sungeun Lee, and Jennifer Sherman
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